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Bid / No Bid

Looking for an App or software to help in our Bid / No Bid decision making process.

Project Management Qualifications & Courses

Hi all, I am seeking some advice with regards to a route to qualification status as a project manager in the UK.

I have worked within retail and in contact centres in the past and am now based within a corporate environment and have been involved in contributing towards team project development on both large and small scales.

Individual Membership?

We have corporate membership. Is there a reason why I should also take out individiual membership? What extra benefit will it give me?

miss P

How do I mananage cross programme dependency?

Advice for Computing networking project wanted

Hi can anyone point me in the right direction or provide any guidance on how best to set up a WAN to connect to 3 LANs in different cities, type of protocols to consider, major pitfalls. Im using packet tracer to model the LANs and Opnet IT guru to model the WAN. Its my first time posting - so apologies if i should be posting somewhere else ! :-)

Prince2 organisation (getting the right people in the right seats)

I am doing some personal development on Prince2 and need some advice on the organisation

I want to retrospectively document a project that I have worked on outside of prince2, into prince2 so that I can put everything into perspective and remember the theory better.

The project:

I am a project manager for a company who develops and hosts websites, which are personalised for the end customers employees to log onto and purchase stationary. My company also picks and packs the stationary and despatches to the customers branches.

How can I start a career in project management

Hi all, your replies will be highly appreciated, I have a first degree in accounting and an MBA want a change in career and really considering project management, just bought The APM book titled starting Out in Project Management few weeks back and want to do write the introductory certificate exam, am doing all these to have a foundational knowledge. How exactly can I start career wise? What trainnings can I go for? Thanks 

Project & Portfolio Management Software

Project data can be a minefield – time, cost, quality, risk, resource, benefits…the list goes on! All are constantly under pressure to be as relevant, up-to-date and accurate as possible to reliably manage and track projects.


Hi Everyone

Just moved to the UK from South Africa with numerous years construction and civil project management experience and formal qualifications. I need to get a CSCS card to apply for work in the UK but before that I need someone at the level of MAPM to recommend me. I live in Bray and basically need someones MAPM number and contact details then I will be able to get my card. I am a MAPM myself and have already written the H&S Test for managers and professionals.

Any help will be highly appreciated


Vaughn Fisher

Is it worth me paying for prince2

Hi everybody, 

I am currently in my last year at University and would like to have a career as a project manager. I have not got any experience in leading major projects, but just a few small one whilst at my current part-time job. I just wanted to know do you feel it would be valuable if I was to spend money to do my prince2 qualifications to add to my CV before i finish university. Also do I need to do both foundation and practitioner or just foundation to begin with.

All advice would highly be appreciated

contracting and assuring outsources service quality

Now retired, I'm starting to get involved in my local Clinical Commissioning Group. At present I'm concerned with contracting and assuring the quality of service provided by an outsourced provider for the care of the elderly at home.

I have two questions:

Might you point me at any resources or communities that are working on best practice for contracting and assuring service quality in general (whether in or outside the NHS), please?

Sustainability in Project Management



Can I use the letters APMP as a qualification on my business card?

I have an APMP qualification which I got by sitting the 3 hour exam. I have looked all over the website but I still cannot tell if I am allowed to use APMP as a qualification on my business card. It was a fairly tough exam so I would like to 'show off' the fact that I passed. Help...

Typical salary for a project manager

Can anyone suggest a suitable / comparable salary for the position I describe below?

Managing Risk

The Institute for Infrastructure Studies is carrying out research into how project management deals with risk.


If you have a moment, please contribute to improving the industry by telling us your thoughts in a quick survey here:

SAP & Project Management


We've recently implemented SAP within the Defence company that I currently work as a Project Manager. I'd like to know how other project professionals have fared since implementing SAP and any useful lessons learnt within the project contex that APM members may have to share.



Project Management Case Studies

I'm looking for past case studies of project managements for research purposes. Could anyone recommend any journals/magazines ? 



Can anyone give me a description of NCR to which I can refer?

Integration and collaboration with the Client

I am very interested in people's view as to what the definition of "integration and collaboration with the Client" means to them.

Central Lessons Learned Repository - How to make it user friendly and value-adding?

Many projects record lessons learned throughout the project's lifecycle and submit them to the PMO team. The PMO then populates a master, central lessons learned log for other projects to review, and build relevant lessons into their projects.


Research Papers on Project Failure Due To Agreed Scope Increase

I am looking for available research papers on the analysis of project failure due to agreed scope increase; the hypothesis being the project team becomes distracted due to managing contract variations and/or become over stretched due to the increased scope - when does this become a problem. Also any research in the use of contingency over time - does it provide any indication/trend of potential project failure. Any links to such research papers would be welcomed.

What is the role of project managers’ leadership for performance in virtual project teams?

I am a PhD student from Henley Business School - Reading University, researching virtual project teams, especially in connection with leadership, trust, positive team energy and its impact on project performance. 

This research is believed to answer several questions, particularly beneficial for practical field, such as: 

Worker productivity

Is there a standard for worker productivity, IE amout of cladding a worker can install in a day, length of trench dug and if yes where would this be found? I want to compare my onsite productivity against industry standard. Please point in right direction. Tks

Professional indemnity insurance

Just a quickie, can anyone recommend a good provider of public/employers and most importantly professional indemnity insurance for 2013-14? 

We are a project consultancy.

Does anyone know of any good discounts for APM members?


How to change industry sector

I have worked as an infrastructure project manager for nearly four years and would like to move into the banking and financial services sector. The catch 22 is that I don't currently have experience of the sector meaning that I am unlikely to find a role giving me the chance to gain that experience... Does anyone have any advice on the best ways to move into this sector, or details of organisations that help with this, or any contacts that might help? Thanks.

Recruitment Consultants

Who are the best recruitment consiultants for project management?  I am a PRINCE2 practitioner with experience of the public and charity sectors.

Question re descriptions of membership status

I know that you have to be a full member to put MAPM after your name but my question is just about belonging to the APM when asked what organisations you belong to are members permitted to discibe themselves as a Member of the Association of Project Managers without saying what level of membership they have? For example I have seen on Cvs Member othe Association of Project Managers but I don't know if this means they are full members or not.

Design Project Management


Project and Programme Management support office (PPSO) related courses


I am new to the APM and finding my feet in the Project management world.

For someone looking to develop a career as a PPSO, not necessarily a front line Project Manager; can anyone suggest professional courses i should be looking at completing?

Is there a clear difference between the 2 paths or does a PPSO ultimately lead to a career as a Project Manager?


Thank you.