MSc Project Management

 I am considering applying for the MSc Project Management course offered by the University of Aberdeen, and was wondering if there would be any real benefit in the course, on top of the formal APM qualifications? The Course is around £9000 over three years which is a lot of money to personally invest in something that will prove to be unbeneficial to my career. I will be funding the course myself as my current employer is not willing to support any personal development training at this time, including APM formal qualifications. 


I am currently employed fulltime as a Project Manager with APM IC



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I am currently studing  MSc in Project Mgt at Aberdeen Business School -on second year now

My personal experience in terms of the course is very good. The course covers some interesting areas to study that no technical qualification can offer (APMP or PMP).

It certainly broadens your horizons as a project manager and I find it very beneficial in my day to day running of projects. I can certainly say that I start to see things from a different perspective.

It's hard work studying as it is 3 years long and costs a lot of money, but I personally think it is worth the effort






I did an MBA some time ago and it can not be compared to a short course like the APMP. They are very different animals. The MSc will give you much more time to study the topic in detail, I do wonder that just focusing on project management may be a bit limiting for the future. 

As somebody who helped establish MSc Project Management programmes at East London and Newport, and as External Examiner formerly at Robert Gordon and currently at Chester, I agree with Paul that the MSc is a very different animal to the APMP qualification. You cannot directly compare them. However, there is an overlap in terms of the knowledge, understanding and skills that you should gain from the MSc if it is a good one, and even better (greater confidence) if it is accredited by a professional body such as APM. You will also be engaging in Master's level (Level 7 in the qualications hierarchy) pedagogy which means potentially contributing to new knowledge or perspectives through independent research, and learning about the latest developments in terms of academic rigour and learner autonomy. Qualifications such as APM's IC, APMP, PQ, RPP and CPM all have their place, but they emphasise knowledge, skills, competence, experience and professionalism as driven by industry, whereas the MSc develops your independent critical thinking and broader managerial capability depending on what/where you study. There are different types of Master's benchmark, and specialist courses like the MSc are becoming increasingly popular both in the UK and internationally. The MBA is also one of those types, but aimed at general management, although I have seen some MBAs with PM as their management specialism. So to answer your question, you should ultimately get what you pay for depending on where you want to go. I know that Aberdeen as a place to study will have a lot of links/opportunities in the oil and gas industry. All UK Master's typically equate to 1800 notional 'learning hours' and have to meet with quality benchmarks to get validated. I hope this helps.