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On 18th March the Hong Kong branch hosted a well-attended event at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club on 'Data centre developments'. The branch welcomed speaker, Liam Bolger...
Over 75 people gather for the latest APM volunteers’ forum.
The March event took place on March 18, 2014. Gert Noordzy, the speaker has shared his findings with the members and guests the project management related challenges in the hotel industry in Greater China. He strongly recommends that major hotel management companies strengthen their project management capabilities if they hope to meet their ambitious China growth targets.
The January 2014 event of APMHK is about distributed leadership, an important contributor to project success, as they become more complex. We were pleased to have Dr Steve Simister, Director of the Project and Programme Management Centre at Henley Business School as our event speaker. The speaker and the audiences have had an in-depth discussion on this inspiring topic.
The 2013 Christmas dinner of APMHK held on 3.12.2013 was a joyful and very meaningful event. A total of ten tables of members and guests gathered at Hong Kong Football Club in Happy Valley celebrated the joys of Christmas. Total amount of HK$13,200 was fund-raised and donated to Red Cross for Philippines super typhoon recovery efforts.
The November 2013 APM HK event was very interesting and covered the hot topic of ‘sustainability’ in construction projects. The presentation was delivered by Simon Moorhouse, Associate Director of the global consultancy and construction company Mace, and a Chartered Civil Engineer. He is an expert on sustainability and his engaging talk was attended by 78 members and guests at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club on 19.11.2013. “Sustainable development” was defined in The Brundtland Commission’s first report in 1987, entitled “Our Common Future” as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." This ground-breaking report has set the strategic agenda for the pursuit of a sustainable world and has not been improved on since.
The presentation of October event focused on the strategy and basis for Transportation Orientated Development (TOD), characterized by a pedestrian-oriented environment. Our speaker, Jason Hutchings used examples from the UK, Dubai, Hong Kong and China to illustrate the solution to the integration, and capitalization of mass transit in a commercial setting. TOD, in Atkins’ words, is “Development of commercial and civic opportunities inside and around transportation hubs, such that the fundamental requirements of both are mutually beneficial, and as such creates an economically sustainable model.”
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Over 75 people gather for the latest APM volunteers’ forum.
What is “Politics”? “something about people applying influence of power”, “an exercise of power by individuals and group”? Organizations are, in fact, living organizations with personality and culture fully reflected in the working environment. Our speaker Kevin Parry talked about the important issue of culture and its norm. He explained that culture was important because it affected politics and determined how power was placed in an organization. However, it was stressed that corporate culture was mainly determined by people in senior position or leading role through the way they exercised power. Culture had a powerful effect on the performance and adaptability to change, and on the way people motivated and communicated with each other.