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The back issues of the APM PMO SIG newsletters are available for viewing on this page.
APM Presents is an ideal event for those starting out in project management.
Back in May the PMO SIG held a one day conference entitled PMO in practice. For a write up and the presentation slides please click below to read more...
The APM PMO SIG hosted an international gathering of other PMO SIGs in Central London on Friday 27th June. The IPMA, of which APM is one of 52 member associations, arranged the PMO SIG Summit to bring together specific interest groups from around the globe. The aim of the summit was to bring together key people of all the PMO SIGs to share insights into how their SIGs are run, what their members want and exchanging of ideas with the intention of forming an international network of PMO SIGs.
Holding a joint lunchtime event with the Knowledge SIG in Birmingham this week was an ideal opportunity for PMO practitioners to spend a couple of hours discussing Knowledge Management with the people who know rather a lot about it.
The following nominations have been received for the PMO SIG AGM.
Over 75 people gather for the latest APM volunteers’ forum.
Having just written up the outputs from the conference last week I am beginning to see some clear patterns of thought emerging. So let’s recap on the learning points from the day.
Last week I hosted another APM PMO World Café for the PMOSIG. I wrote about hosting a World Cafe in a previous post. Not only is it a great way to get people talking, it can also be a real eye opener of what can come out in sixty minutes. In this session (the image below captures three main points on each topic area) I enjoyed chats about, “could technology replace the people in the PMO?”
With the sounds of Frank Sinatra making his way through a Christmas compilation; the scented candles masking the smell of fresh coffee and food ready to sate the hungriest of hordes, you’d be forgiven for thinking the latest PMOSIG’s evening meeting was just a gimmick.