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The APM Body of Knowledge 6th edition (BoK), released in 2012, has been completely refreshed and for the first time represents the full breadth of professional disciplines of project, programme and portfolio management.
64 PMO professionals attended the APM PMOSIG 2013 Spring Conference, held at the St John’s Hotel, Solihull on Thursday 25th April, which focused on how to make the most of a PMO’s key assets – its people.
The following nominations have been received for the PMO SIG AGM.
Over 70 people gather for the latest APM volunteers’ forum.
APM PMO SIG addresses the PMO’s greatest asset – the people – at event on 25th April.
Around 60 people attended the first APM PMOSIG local evening event to be held in Manchester on 12th December. The PMOSIG’s Lindsay Scott introduced the Masterclass on “Project reviews, asssurance and the PMO”, hosted by Graham Oakes, independent complexity consultant and author of “Project Reviews, Assurance and Governance”.
Projects and PMOs (Project Management Offices) have been around for more than 40 years. This well-attended session tracked the development of PMOs in their various guises and gave delegates an understanding of some of the services and functions that can be performed in and from a PMO.
Convergence – the first joint meeting of the PMO and Benefits Specific Interest Groups. On 22nd November 120 people converged on Kensington Town Hall in London for this session. A good job we were able to relocate from the original venue holding 40 people.
The PMOSIG conference gets underway next week – 10th & 11th October in the West Midlands, and it’s your opportunity to tap into an extensive network of PMO experts through PMO masterclasses. Over two days, the PMO masterclasses will help you face some of the present challenges you have within your role and your PMO team within your organisation.
In article published in APM Project magazine, PMO SIG Chairman Chris Walters talked about the rise of the PMO. He opened the interview by saying "At PMOSIG, we’re increasingly using the term ‘PMO’ to represent the whole spectrum of activity from support services to facilitating strategy implementation – we’re not at all precious about it being an acronym for anything in particular."