APM Board Elections 2017

The Association for Project Management, the Chartered body for the project profession, has a democratic process for electing its board. This is fundamental for APM as our board is comprised of members and elected by members.

This year the board highlighted that it was keen to see candidates with a diverse mix of skills and backgrounds. For example, the infrastructure sector is currently well represented at board level. The board again emphasised the need for the highest calibre candidates. It sought applications from those who can demonstrate the competencies needed to be a board member at the highest level with a focus on strategic decision making. You are encouraged to bear this in mind when casting your vote. 

Voting is now open and will close on 10 November 2017. You will have received your voting pack in the post. 

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The timeline for the elections is as follows:

Nominations closed – 21 September 2017

Election opens - 10 October 2017

Election closes - 10 November 2017

AGM - results announced - 21 November 2017

APM Statement on 2017 Board elections

APM is aware that a number of statements have been posted on social media and potentially elsewhere concerning the APM Board elections.  The election, administered by Electoral Reform Services, was launched as scheduled on 10 October and the voting remains open until midnight on 10 November.  Voting APM members are encouraged to take part at this exciting time for our Association.  Details are available online at  www.ersvotes.com/apm2017

The APM Board continues to acts in the best interests of APM and takes its role and accountabilities very seriously. Having taken legal advice, it has carefully considered a question raised in relation to the validity of an individual’s candidature. The Board has concluded, with regret, that one individual cannot be considered eligible for the ballot at this time. This arises from a serious incident report having been issued to the Charity Commission and which is currently pending the resolution of a Code of Professional Conduct procedure.  We are unable to make any further comment on the specific nature of the report to avoid prejudicing the fairness of the ongoing procedure and in light of APM's obligations relating to confidentiality.  The decision to refer the matter to the Charity Commission was endorsed by both our legal and other professional advisors following careful consideration by APM.   

APM considers that a number of statements that have been made in relation to the above incident, by a very small number of members, are inaccurate.   APM respectfully requests that APM members consider their comments carefully to ensure they remain within the high standards of ethical behaviour expected of a Chartered body and in accordance with the APM Code of Professional Conduct.

We look forward to announcing the results of the ballot at the APM Annual General Meeting on the 21 November 2017.

Why should you vote?

  • Your personal chance to influence what happens at APM.
  • Opportunity to select the strongest most decisive board we can.
  • Your voice is the voice of the profession so the more people who vote, the better outcome we will have.

If you have any queries, please contact the company secretary.

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