Christine Burt

Christine graduated from King's College, London with a science degree followed by scientific research at Imperial College, London before moving into IT development. She has been a project manager since 1999 originally managing IT projects. In particular infrastructure rollouts and software implementations, and now managing portfolios of projects and programmes on an interim basis. She is a member of the British Computer Society (MBCS).

Christine was an APM committee member from 2008 to 2010 of the APM Swindon chapter of Thames Valley branch and organised events to widen knowledge and expertise in project management.

Christine is passionate about the value project management experience brings together with a structured approach in understanding the essential tasks to deliver a successful project.

Quoting from a recent Raconteur article on project management in The Times by the journalist Dan Matthews "Project management quietly rules the world".

She believes this demonstrates how project management is perceived as an essential requirement for the successful delivery of change which is constantly experienced in our world today. Even by those outside the occupation.

For our profession to succeed, it is vital that project managers have the professional project management discipline. This needs to be paramount above any other discipline. It is demonstrated by the individual membership of APM and ongoing experience in project delivery. It is a profession where experience is critical in identifying and reducing the risks and uncertainty associated with project delivery. 

APM needs to lead by example in establishing this professionalism, the value of experience and the ongoing commitment to project success.

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