Debbie Lewis

Debbie has served for 2 years as a Trustee of APM and is currently Chair of the Board. She has also served for 3 years as a member of the APM Professional Standards and Knowledge committee and is currently Chair of that committee.

Debbie started her career in telecommunications research having gained a BSc in Physics from the University of Durham. She joined BT to work with optical fibre systems and has subsequently had a long career working in almost all units within BT and in a range of roles from technical to sales.

In the last 20 years she focussed on project management. During her career she also obtained a Masters in Telecommunications and Information Systems from Essex University and a Masters in Major Programme Management from Oxford.

Her last role in BT was Director of Strategic Architecture Programmes managing a portfolio of large scale complex programmes that underpin BT’s network and IT architectural ambitions. As an experienced PPM (Programme and Project Management) Practitioner her personal interests include how the professional discipline can be made more accessible to people earlier in their careers, how stakeholder management can better support effective practice and how practitioners can personally develop as leaders of complex change.

In June 2021 Debbie retired from BT.

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