The APM Board

APM has a board of 12 elected trustees (who must be Full members) and up to three appointed trustees. Elected trustees are nominated by the Full members who also then vote for their preferred candidates. Four vacancies are filled each year with appointments held for a duration of three years. Three appointed trustees may be selected by the board to provide additional expertise. The chair is elected annually by the board from among the trustees. The members of the board act as both charity trustees and company directors; they cannot be paid but may receive expenses.   

The APM board has agreed the following core values of the organisation:  

  • integrity (building trust);
  • delivering confidence;
  • leading and inspiring;
  • accessible;
  • inclusive;
  • supportive.   

The board is supported by a range of committees, steering groups and head office staff. The committees report directly to the board whilst the steering groups and staff report to the board through the chief executive.

Board members

John McGlynn - chair Alistair Godbold Sue Kershaw
Susie Boyce John Gordon Alan Macklin
Dr. Paul Chapman Stephen Jones Milla Mazilu
Roy Millard Simon Taylor  
Brian Wernham    

Other regular attendees

Sara Drake - chief executive
Debbie Dore - chief commercial officer 
Mike Robinson - company secretary

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