Award-winning project professionals

Steve Walters, Magnox Ltd
Steve Walters Magnox Project Professional Winner 2014Steve Walters has played a leading role in the revolution of Magnox to overcome an entrenched 40-year operator mindset to become that project management focused organisation. Without compromise to safety and environmental responsibility he has established a new benchmark for getting results across the global nuclear industry which has in turn delivered taxpayer savings in excess of £17.5 million in only four years.

As Director of Decommissioning, Steve’s focus was the identification and development of opportunities for significant baseline improvements across Magnox.

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Simon Addyman, London Underground Limited
Simon embedded a pioneering new Innovative Contracter Engagement (ICE) approach and managed its adoption within the procurement process through to contract award for London Underground Limited's Bank Station Capacity Upgrade.

The project involved multiple stakeholders and interfaces, meaning that Simon’s most important task was to create a project team with the capability of supporting the uncertainty of the ICE process.

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Richard Walker, Network Rail
The redevelopment of Farringdon Station was a £290m project delivered on time and within budget in the heart of London.

Richard Walker was the Network Rail project director responsible for the safe and successful delivery of the scheme, achieving all of the project’s milestones on time and on budget, from initiation to conclusion.

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Paul Arnold, NATS
The project to deliver a new training centre (NTC) for the world-leading air traffic management company, NATS, was not just about construction and delivering technology, but about changing how the firm’s Air Traffic Control (ATC) training community worked.

As project manager, Paul Arnold was responsible for all this, and successfully delivered the project ahead of time and within budget.

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Matthew Pendergast, Turner & Townsend
With a passionate interest in education Matthew Pendergast was excited to be asked to manage the development of Culcheth High School – the biggest-ever project for Warrington Borough Council.

The landmark project, which was a pathfinder school for the Building Schools for the Future programme in Warrington, gave Matthew the opportunity to make a positive difference to the lives of young people. It also allowed him to exercise his teamwork and communication skills, which he believes are a vital part of a project manager’s role.

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Stephen Prowse, Artelia Projects UK Ltd
ProwseOnce one of the world’s best kept secrets, Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes is now one of the most significant heritage sites of the 20th century, so far attracting some 190,000 visitors keen to see where the Enigma code and other enemy signals were cracked, shortening World War II and saving countless lives. It all began in 1992 when the Bletchley Park Trust was set up to preserve and refurbish the buildings where the codebreakers had worked but which had fallen into such a bad state, they were almost beyond saving. With a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and other sources, funding was secured in 2011 for the £8 million restoration project. The following year in 2012, Stephen Prowse, heritage project director at Artelia, stepped in as project manager. His role was to assist the Trust to create a vibrant, world class attraction by opening up previously unseen parts of the site, improving the visitor experience through new facilities and interpretation.

The rejuvenated Bletchley Park was opened by the Duchess of Cambridge in June 2014, the same month that marked the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Landings.

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Award-winning young project professionals

Luke Streeter, Atkins
Working alongside Heathrow and other key suppliers, Luke Streeter was appointed the Atkins project manager for one of the world's first common use self-boarding solutions. It was his job to manage, coordinate and engage with people from 16 different companies in a large and complex stakeholder enviornment in order to deliver this high profile project. It was also his first experience of being a project manager. 

Luke's key objective was to deliver a working solution by the project deadline of the opening of the terminal. There was no tolerance for late delivery. 

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Sarah De Boer, Centrica
Imagine having to clear a blocked well in the deep waters of the North Sea in winter safely and with huge amounts of money at stake.

That was the challenge facing Sarah De Boer from operator Centrica when the flow of oil from a well in the Chestnut Field declined steeply. A build-up of scale had slowed the flow to the floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel, Hummingbird.

The well had to be shut in to prevent further scaling, losing nearly 2,000 barrels of the field’s daily production. The only other oil-producing well on the field was also shut in awaiting treatment to prevent scaling, leaving Hummingbird with no incoming production but very high running costs.

Sarah, 26, was asked to lead a team on a project to remove the scale build-up, restore the flow and prevent any further scaling issues.

Through tight management, innovation and negotiation, Sarah and the team saved some 25% of the costs in what was the first project of its kind for Centrica, proving that the technology and techniques worked and could be used in future similar situations. The methods used worked so successfully that once the well was back in business it was producing more than double the number of barrels of oil than before the shut-in.

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Martin Monaghan, DHL Supply Chain
As part of the project DHL Supply Chain’s Martin Monaghan worked to provide voice-picking technology for Iceland’s distribution network – something which contributed to the nine per cent increase in productivity and a drop in gross error rates (GER) of 30 per cent.

Consequently, Martin was asked to spend 12 months with the food retailer to put his project management skills in place, and deliver an online shopping solution with a sustainable solution for growth.

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Christian Irwin, Network Rail
The Salisbury to Exeter signalling re-control project was central to Network Rail’s cost saving plans. But in order to achieve the necessary return, and reduce the operational bill, the task of re-controlling 90 miles of track and seven signal boxes had to be completed in 30 months.

This type of timescale had never been achieved before; in fact, for a project of this magnitude, the company would normally allow double the time. Add to this, development time for key applications, and it was easy to see why some people said it was impossible. Young project manager Christian Irwin and his team were determined to prove the sceptics wrong.

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Will Sargeant, qedis
A maturity beyond his years helped Will Sargeant, of consultancy firm qedis, rescue train operator East Coast Mainline Ltd (ECML).

He needed to help the client secure its customers’ payment card data and become compliant with the International Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which all merchants who allow their customers to pay with cards must adopt.

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Neil Crewdson, Sellafield Ltd
Neil Crewdson took over as project manager in fraught circumstances, a year after the start of a scheme at Sellafield that was critical to the Sellafield Ltd continued reprocessing and therefore the amount of commercial revenue available to fund the clean up.

A vital component of Sellafield’s highly active waste processing facility needed replaced. Initially, this was scheduled to take place on line one but the customer then asked for the replacement to be fitted to line two as well.

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