Outstanding Achievement Award 2021

The most prestigious of our project management awards, given to an individual who achieved a pinnacle in their career by making a significant and outstanding contribution to the project profession, be that as a single effort, or as a sustained set of activities over a long period.

As the most esteemed of the project management awards, the winner is determined by a thoughtful and thorough selection process and awarded at the discretion of APM. As a result, this category does not accept entriesThe winner will be announced at the ceremony in November.

View our 2020 winner below and read about their inspiring story

  WINNER 2020   

PROJECT: Lieutenant General Tyrone R Urch CBE, Commander Home Command 

It seems only right, that in a year dominated by a global pandemic - which has challenged the norms for the project profession - that APM pays tribute to an individual at the heart of the work done to respond to this crisis.

The 2020 recipient of this award is Lieutenant General Tyrone R Urch CBE, Commander Home Command and Standing Joint Commander (UK).

With regard to the pandemic, Lt Gen Urch focused on defence support for the Covid 19 response, which occurred in addition to actions to ensure effective support to maintain military preparedness. In this role he has led the planning and organising for delivery of operations, involving around 30% of UK based Army capability, all undertaken at unprecedented speed. He is also a graduate of the UK Government's Major Project Leadership Academy.

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