Finalists - Mike Nichols Award for Inspiration 2020

This award recognises inspirational individuals, projects, programmes and organisations that have made contributions to successful transformational change in the world, society and for the project management community. It celebrates the legacy of Mike Nichols, founder of the Nichols Group and past APM Chairman. Sponsored by Nichols Group.

Congratulations to the winner and all our finalists listed in this category below ...


PROJECT: Babcock: Ventilator Challenge UK (Zephyr Plus)

Babcock was asked by the UK government to help design, procure and assemble ventilators in the fight against COVID-19.  The project team stepped up to the challenge, working relentlessly for 87 days straight to deliver outcomes no one believed were achievable.  Within five days, a working prototype was in place, and by day seven, we presented the working concept with proposed delivery schedule of 10,000 units by the end of June. 

Babcock knew the only way to succeed was to be innovative; designing a ventilator akin to a modern intensive care ventilator, with new supply chain/assembly lines outside the strained standard medical suppliers.



PROJECT: Christine McLean

Christine inspires other people to flourish, achieve their full potential, and then stretch themselves again.  She inspires inside and outside our organisation. Christine has created an environment where people Aspire to Inspire, and that, more than any delivered project, or qualification achieved may well be the biggest transformational change our organisation has encountered. 

My hope is that Christine McLean is recognised for being dedicated, caring, passionate, ethical, trustworthy and above all a truly inspirational individual, who has led and contributed to successful transformational change in the world, society and within the project management community.


PROJECT: Extraordinary Project Management

Marion Thomas and Sarah Walton are the driving force behind Extraordinary Project Management. As Chartered Project Professionals and MAPMs their aim is to raise the profile and standing of project management as a recognised and qualified profession and to put leadership and people skills at the heart of project delivery.

With great passion and energy, they have innovatively combined their 30+ years (each) of extensive cross-industry, cross-sector hands-on project management experience with the latest techniques and learnings in leadership and people skills to curate the EPMTM Mastery Programme, an acclaimed framework containing an expansive tool-kit and set of resources.



PM4NGOs ( is an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) which promotes and sustains the professionalism of project and programme management in the international development and humanitarian sectors.  It has developed and rolled out a light-weight and contextualised project management methodology and certification scheme called Project Management for Development Professionals, known as Project DPro (PMD Pro). 

The Guide to Project DPro is available for free download in five languages.  Over the last 10 years Project DPro has reached over 30,000 development and humanitarian professionals in 167 countries, 75% of whom are in the developing world, and adopted by many well-known INGOs.


PROJECT: Gleeds: Construction Careers LIVE!


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