Finalists - Technology Project of the Year Award 2020

At the heart of every great project, is a great story. The Project of the Year Award is for the team whose project demonstrates the most effective use of project management, the greatest results and the greatest benefit and innovations to the profession.

Congratulations to the winner and all our finalists listed in this category below ...


PROJECT: Heathrow Airport Ltd: Airport Resilience
ENTERED BY: Ben Hooper

Heathrow Airport deployed a ‘bespoke set of anti-drone systems’, designed to block unmanned aerial vehicles from entering its airspace following a string of recent attempts. Designed by UK-based firm Operational Solutions, the system detects and tracks drones in surrounding airspace, with the ability to locate the drone pilot and show their location, using technology from multiple manufacturers.

The fast and accurate detention of drones keeps passengers and staff safe, and minimises delays. The system is constantly being augmented as part of the business case to maintain its world leading advantage in Counter-Unmanned Aerial System technology.



PROJECT: KLCC Projeks Sdn Bhd: Parcel F Project @ Putrajaya Malaysia         
ENTERED BY: Mohd Fasya Ramsah

Parcel F is the first government building project in Malaysia to implement BIM from design stage to facilities management. A large project of 10 blocks of office buildings ranging from 4 to 13 storeys high, it is equivalent to a super tall building of 137 storeys high.

Implementation started in 2016 when BIM adoption was very low and not favorable among the construction industry players. This presented myriad challenges for KLCC Projeks, the PMC appointed for this project. Against all odds, Parcel F achieved extraordinary feat when it was completed on time and delivered remarkable outcomes which are very rare.


PROJECT: NCSC: Active Cyber Defence 2018-21

The Active Cyber Defence 2018-21 project has developed the technical capabilities and enduring operating model to protect the UK’s businesses, government and citizens from a significant proportion of the cyber attacks which hit the UK every day.

Using a blended delivery approach and a diverse team working in collaboration with industry and wider government, we have delivered significant benefit by reducing the impact of phishing and other cyber attacks. We have learnt and demonstrated how to experiment in IT services at scale and in public, providing a model which is recognised as world-leading.

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