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Ewelina Kruk
Improve your employability skills and make yourself more promotable

Runtime 🕑 35 mins

Capital Programme Manager, Dyson

Ewelina Kruk is a Chartered Project Professional who began her employment journey at the age of 17. Between day one and the present Ewelina has re-invented her career. She made a jump between disciplines with the most significant shift from Retail to Construction sector under the cloud of an on-going recession at the time.

How? By following the self-set, researched, and observation based employability and marketability rules at the heart of which sits one fundamental objective: making the dream happen.

Synopsis - Employability – one off or a lifelong strategy? Are you ready to shine?

During the presentation you will hear what employability means to her, what tools she used to achieve the right setting to enable her to follow the dream, and more about the ideology that we are all like diamonds but better! The more facets, the more passion we show, the greater the shine! Would you dare to look away?

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