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Gillian Jones-Williams
Mental Health in project management – who cares?

Managing Director, Emerge Development Consultancy

Gillian Jones is Managing Director and founder of Emerge Development Consultancy. For over twenty-two years she has worked on organisational strategy development and change initiatives with companies worldwide.

Throughout her career, Gillian’s main focus has been leadership development, coaching, studying with leaders that empower their staff to achieve great performance and working with organisations to change the culture to an empowered workforce through coaching culture strategy.

In the last five years she has been specialising in championing women’s development, specialising in supporting women to achieve their goals, develop their confidence and reach more senior positions. In 2015 she developed the acclaimed Empowering Women’s programme RISE which is delivered in the UK and the Middle East.

Following over 17 years’ experience as an executive coach Gillian has proven ability in coaching people to higher performance and in particular coaching women to achieve and succeed in board positions. Her experience of working within many engineering and male dominated organisations ensures she understands how women need to portray themselves in a male orientated environment. She has worked with leaders in all types of industry and companies including, space, defence, media, publishing legal, sport, accounting, construction, public service, entertainment and many others.

Presentation synopsis

According to the Mental Health organisation, 1 in 6.8 people experience mental health problems in the workplace, which is 14.7% of the working population. But is project management stressful? Well, any job that involves managing people without authority, moving deadlines, complex stakeholders, financial responsibility and navigating ‘unknown unknowns’ has got to involve a lot of pressure. But what is the difference between pressure and stress?  And can stress be avoided or managed? 

Gillian Jones-Williams will debate these questions and look at the causes and impacts of stress and the strategies available to us that ensure we do not allow it to impact unhealthily on us and considers the statement – ‘Is stress only bad for us if we believe it to be so?’ 

This presentation will help you to understand the five key principles of managing your stress to protect your mental health and support your team.

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