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Jeni Sanderson
Diversity of energy and motivation: How to help teams be 'at their best'

Runtime¬†ūüēϬ†38 mins

Positive Psychology and Team Development Coach

Jeni’s whole focus is on the human factor within team and organisational development. Without true individual and team well-being, there can be very little sustainable organisational success. This insight led Jeni to investigate and implement better ways to re-energise team development and build on what's strong to facilitate positive change.  

Jeni's expertise lies in positive psychology or ‚Äėthe science of human flourishing‚Äô and takes a perspective on team development and personal and organisational change that focuses on well-being as the main step to performance. She helps individuals to discover and amplify the best of themselves and to apply their best strengths with energy and focus; leading to greater creativity and productivity, better business outcomes and personal fulfilment. With her current project, she is working with The Open University¬†to support the human element in a new product team working under pressure and in a situation of uncertainty and emerging strategy.

Jeni has an MSc in applied positive psychology and is a qualified appreciative inquiry practitioner, transformational coach and agile team coach. Jeni has a wealth of multi-disciplined experience to call on, having previously worked as a marketing director and VP of marketing, as well as running a successful business.

Synopsis - Diversity of energy & motivation: How to help teams be 'at their best' more often. 

Where research tells us that diverse teams yield greater productivity, how often do you as a project manager actually get to pick your team from scratch? In these cases, the traditional views of diversity don't always work. So how do we find diversity in these situations and discover and develop better ways of working to match or even exceed that potential  productivity gap?

Up steps a positive psychology approach - with a focus on what really energises us as individuals and drives us to be at our best more often and how that works within the team environment.

In this session, Jeni introduces a new model of 'Team Mastery' being explored and developed within The Open University and will expand upon a key section within the model around an alternative approach to skills and strengths mapping that focuses on individual and team well-being. 

The session aims to provoke reflection and idea generation for how this approach may change the way team roles are established and influence how recruitment needs to change to take advantage of the benefits. 

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