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Kenn Dolan
Beyond Benefits – how to get more from your projects than you thought you would

Runtime 🕑 43 mins


Kenn is author of "Implementing project and program benefits management" (2018). He is a recognised expert in benefits realisation management, stakeholder engagement and portfolio, programme and project management as well as the application of best practices. Kenn has extensive experience advising clients across five continents.

As an in-demand management consultant and public speaker, Kenn has influenced the implementation of best practices in programme and project management to improve performance and maturity within organisations within the financial, IT, defence, resources, construction and public sectors.

Kenn has coached and mentored senior executives in over 20 countries.


One of the most difficult, yet important, questions regarding projects is "what advantages will this project create for the investors and key stakeholders?" Projects and programs should be treated as investments. The focus of projects needs to shift from delivering within the triple constraints (time–cost–quality) towards some of the more fundamental questions:

  • What is the purpose of this investment?
  • What are the specific advantages expected?
  • Are these benefits worth the investment?

This presentation will provide an overview of a model for executives and practitioners within the portfolio, program, and project environment. It will guide them through the important work that must be addressed as the investment progresses towards the realization of benefits and ultimately, the creation of value. The focus will be on the elements of the programme and project environment which lead to making the decisions and retaining attention on the actions required to deliver the benefits.  The strategic aspects of benefits realisation which will bring the program delivery teams and the operational users together with a new perspective.

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