Andy Dunn

Andy Dunn is Vice President of Transformation for Project Delivery in Jacobs Global Buildings and Infrastructure (B&I) Line of Business. The Line of Business has US$2.5bn of the total US$12bn annual turnover of Jacobs. B&I run over 5,000 individual projects; from small strategic consultancy studies to some of the largest infrastructure projects in the world such as Doha Metro Red Line and Forth Road Bridge Crossing. With such a breadth of delivery the role demands driving a culture of Performance Excellence at all levels of the 11,000 staff.

Andy developed his career through the Water Industry, working for Contractors, Clients and Consultants providing a great back ground for the total project delivery that Jacobs does today. From Water, Andy expanded his experience first within the energy market and then into over infrastructure markets, particularly Transportation and Environmental. He has a PhD in Civil Engineering after a BSc in Environmental Sciences complemented with an MBA from Herriot-Watt University. He is currently based out of Jacobs Croydon Office but travels extensively with his global remit.

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Presentation synopsis

Will project management ever be automated?

With the advent of new technology and new ways of managing and sharing information, is there still a role for the project manager? Project management is about setting and then implementing a plan, managing change along the way. What aspects of that can Artificial Intelligence not do?

Automation, Data Management and new systems will continue the incremental approach to making things more efficient, but where is the step change coming. If the industrial revolution transformed factory based jobs the Information revolution will do the same to Office/Site based jobs. Many more new ways of doing work will evolve and their route to provide benefit will be even faster.

Project Management is a key enabler to ensure this change happens to the benefit of Clients, which ultimately makes the supply chain heathier and more resilient. Especially in a market of expanding infrastructure with skills shortages. The industry needs to debate the development and encouragement of step change to embrace it rather than just try and do

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