Colin Gaynor

Global project manager – IMED oncology at AstraZeneca

Colin Gaynor is a project manager within AstraZeneca (aligned to Oncology), driving global cross-functional teams to deliver assets from Lead Optimisation (pre-clinical) stage, through to Phase 3 development. He has over 15 years experience of pharmaceutical drug development and supply chain management, across a broad spectrum of disease areas (including Oncology, Respiratory and Cardiovascular), and has worked extensively on alliance management programs.

Originally qualified as a pharmacist by profession, he gained a PhD in neuropharmacology (at Aston University) before moving into project management within pharmaceutical industry. Being results focused and highly collaborative, he recognises and embraces the value of flexible thinking, strong leadership and stakeholder management to drive informed decision-making - with the ultimate goal of bringing new and innovative medicines to patients. 

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Presentation synopsis

Title - Project managers as truth-seekers – it’s in our DNA

The project management discipline, within AstraZeneca, is having to continuously evolve due to the dynamic nature of the pharmaceutical industry.

Through focussed capability development, we have access to a wide range of tools within our 'toolbox' and, through enterprise-thinking, we drive quality decision-making across our projects and portfolio, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and strategic partnerships.

This session will highlight some of the tools we use in our day to day role as project managers and how those tools drive quality decision making resulting in effective and timely delivery of medicines to patients.


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