Ledia Andrawes

Ledia Andrawes has over 10 years’ experience in strategy, research and design. More recently, she set-up ThinkPlace in Kenya and partnered with healthcare providers, banks, insurers, NGOs, and governments on delivering more human-centered services for low-income populations.

A few recent highlights include working with World Bank and Kenyan government to reduce out-of-pocket health expenditure for families through social health insurance uptake, with Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade on a new private sector development initiative in the Pacific Islands, and with Grameen Foundation in Ghana on digital tools to support rural community health nurses in improving maternal and child health outcomes.

Her expertise is in empathy-led research, prototyping, facilitating co-design, and building the innovation capability of the organisations she works with.

Ledia is a research associate with London School of Economics (LSE) and is working on her PhD through RMIT University (Melbourne) on the role of design thinking in global development.

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Presentation synopsis

We are moving from the traditionally powerful ‘informing’ and ‘consulting’ others on what they have already prescribed, to more ambiguous communication relationships that are about 'co-creating', ‘co-designing’ and ‘co-producing’ collective project narratives and mechanics. Today, people no longer accept being solely on the receiving end of one-way information, they want to interact as co-shapers and co-authors of their experiences of the world around them. This need for co-design is particularly relevant when delivering projects with people we don’t know, in contexts we are unfamiliar with, and with subject matter we may know little to nothing about. This session will explore the possibilities that opened up when a co-design approach was employed for a project with the World Bank Group and a Kenyan Government agency focused on redesigning the national social health insurance program.



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