Maarten Kleinhout

Maarten Kleinhout (BA hons/DipArch) is the managing director of Commercial Systems International CSI, which he joined as a lead project manager for bespoke construction projects following his architectural education.

Over the years Maarten, as a fabrication specialist, has accumulated a comprehensive portfolio of successful projects ranging from bespoke modular projects, high tech facades through to innovative artwork installations, including the delivery of Richard Wilson's “slipstream” at Heathrow terminal 2, which apart from the technological advances also demonstrated the effectiveness of responsible leadership which seeks to stimulate individual ownership and a sense of pride irrespective of role and position within the team.
From the outset Maarten's vision has been to advance a ‘holistic’ risk evaluated approach to management, encouraging a wider cross-specialist collaborations and cultural drive for innovation.

This enhances his ability to effectively translate initial boundary less visions into physical realities, whilst maintaining a human creative workplace.

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