In an ever-changing world, with increasing pressure on jobs and industries to innovate and use technology to make efficiencies, how can project professionals adapt their practices to ensure they continue to deliver success, consistently? This conference aims to challenge project professionals to think about ‘future proofing’ their approach and will focus on three key topics relevant to project professionals across all industries.

Globalisation has put “Mega Trends” on everyone’s agenda. A changing economic, political, demographic and ethical landscape will inevitably affect the way projects are approached and benefits measured; and therefore the way that Project Professionals work.

This stream will include topics that will include the key Megatrends that will affect business in the future:

  • Digital construction and project complexity;
  • Diversity of workforce;
  • Open innovation culture;
  • Global and virtual teams;
  • Gig economy;
  • Automation and human machine collaboration;
  • Changing corporate culture.

In an ever changing world, how can project professionals ‘future proof’ their skills to cope with the demands ahead? This stream will cover:

  • behavioural competency vs. technical knowledge,
  • skills development,
  • future proofing your communications.

Projects inherently make impact; but what if the desired outcome is something that has never been achieved before? We will challenge the status quo and explore creative ways project professionals can deliver change using examples of truly transformational projects that really have changed the world.  This stream will cover:

  • justifying the project in the context of a bigger picture,
  • ways to measure success in terms of societal impact,
  • inspirational transformational projects.
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