Araceli Camargo

Araceli Camargo is a cognitive neuroscientist and science communicator. She was the lab director at The Centrica Lab which is in partnership with UCL. She takes her expertise in cognitive flexibility into corporate settings and encourages companies to enable changes in their work habits, with tools rather than processes.

Pioneering the school of thought that understanding how the brain works and learning how to interact with it effectively is paramount to every working practise. She uses this idea to gives us insight into how to think, how to problem solve and how to deal with constant change.

On a mission to encourage businesses to think better by managing how their brain works, she applies innovative thinking to business issues. She successfully applies tools to businesses through her academic studies in the world of neuroscience and her practical experience of running businesses, The Cube London, and WeCreate in New York City.

Araceli’s two businesses blend philosophy and science, as she brings together a community of thinkers who actively apply their work practices, she works to create a smart economy. Her objective is to put neuroscience into practical application in the context of business, and to help people solve problems by teaching them how to become more cognitively flexible, and to develop the mental ability to adjust thinking in response to changing goals and environmental stimuli.

Araceli is a cognitive neuroscientist with a research focus on the cognitive visual system. This means specifically looking at how humans interact and interpret visual stimuli. She helps brands understand the mechanics behind human behaviour to create smarter experiential brand engagement and products. She has done such work for brands like Aecom, Nike, SEEN, Total, Virgin.

She holds an MSc in neuroscience from King's College London, where she studied the attentional differences between people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and normative individuals. The study was part of the EU-AIMS, which is the largest single grant for autism in the world, and the largest for the study of any mental health disorder in Europe.

Neuroscience is becoming an increasingly important tool and topic within the business world due to the increasing complexity of problems. Araceli teaches companies to use technology as a disruptive force and implement cognitive skills in order to stay relevant and effective.

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