Ben Fenwick – apprentice project manager, Arcadis LLP

Ben is an apprentice project manager for Arcadis, one of the world’s largest design and consultancy businesses. Ben started off his early career in client service and with this coupled his passion for the construction industry, he was an excellent candidate for the project profession.

Ben is currently studying his degree in construction management, alongside the APM PMQ, supported by the consultancy giant. His ambition, thought leadership and results driven attitude sets him aside from others. Ben is an excellent example of the emerging talent and young leadership that we have coming through the industry.

Ben believes that, as an industry, if we begin to hear more of the voices of the younger generation, we will see trends earlier and develop ideas which will shape our future long before the change, not whilst it is on our doorstep.

Currently taking part in both assistant and solo project management roles, Ben’s experience is mostly in the education sector where he is currently playing a part in delivering a brand new 900 place primary school, bringing pupil places to the children of Leicester who would otherwise not have them.

Despite having been in the industry just a short amount of time, the ideas Ben brings to the table touch home with even the most senior leaders in the industry and he hopes that just a few of his ideas resonate with you.

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