Who will you hear from?

You will be able to hear from the following Specific Interest Groups on the day:

  • Enabling Change
  • Portfolio Management
  • Programme Management
  • Knowledge SIG
  • Women in Project Management
  • Contracts and Procurement
  • People
  • Governance
  • PMO
  • Planning, Monitoring and Control
  • Benefits Management


Friday 7 July 2017


Etc Venues, 200 Aldersgate, St. Pauls, London EC1A 4HD

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Benefits Management SIG

Title: How effective benefits management supports of organisational change…

Synopsis: We are living in an era of continuous transformation where standing still in today’s ultra-competitive and constantly changing business environments is simply not an option.

Neil White and Alexis Blades will describe the fundamentals of benefits management and how benefits (the single reason for investment in business change) and their management are at the heart of successful change.

They will also show that benefits management provides for a flexible framework which can be easily embedded across the entire organisation providing powerful change management capabilities that focus on delivering the desired end results and outcomes for the business.


Contracts and Procurement SIG

Title: Contract management can often be considered a bit boring…

Synopsis: Gotcha! Ouch that was expensive!

Managing the Contract – Dealing with (and most of all avoiding) the gotchas!

As a P3 manager you are expected to manage diverse set of circumstances. Often you may be “parachuted-in” to run a project that is already experiencing some issues. Projects that involve significant contracted work are often the most demanding. Are you prepared? Can you hit the ground running?

In this scenario-based workshop we will put you in some awkward contractual situations. How will you approach the challenge? Come along and find out what can go wrong and how to become a hero/heroin.


Enabling Change SIG

Title: How to improve the change capability of your organisation, team and individuals

Synopsis: Learn about what the Enabling Change SIG has to offer you to improve the change capability of your organisation, your teams and individuals.

A lot of what we as project managers do are transformation projects that involve people working and behaving in a different way in a new world, change management is key to embedding any change.

This is an interactive session that will get you to think about your approach to change management in project environments, and will provide you with information on what the SIG has done to date and the plans for the future.


People SIG

Title: Key principles of stakeholder engagement

Synopsis: The first project for the Stakeholder Engagement Focus Group was to start collating stakeholder engagement resources to support both new and experienced practitioners. These resources, which are now available on the APM website, start with the ten key principles published in the APM/RICS Professional Guidance on Stakeholder Engagement. The principles are not a manual describing what to do in every situation, but are instead designed to embody best practice which, if applied, should have a positive impact on the engagement of stakeholders.

This session will provide an introduction to the key principles and recommendations of where practitioners can find additional resources and guidance.


Planning, Monitoring and Control SIG

Title: Fundamentals of Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring and Control

Synopsis: The Practical Project Management of Time, Cost and Risk Guide. The guide was written by the PMC SIG and captures recognised good practice and the in-depth experience of the SIG Volunteers in an easy to read format.


Women in Project Management SIG

Title: How to encourage women into the profession

Synopsis: Through broadening awareness/knowledge of various roles in all industries at a young age and providing awareness of the wide range of roles which would be available within project management for their skill-sets.


Programme Management SIG

Title: An Introduction to Programme Management

Synopsis: This presentation will provide an introduction to programme management, supporting the launch of our revised APM Introduction to Programme Management 2nd edition.

We will discuss fundamental principles – what a programme is, how it works and how to review progress. We will also explore the changing environment in which programmes exist, their relationship to the strategic context of organisations, frameworks and ways of working.

The update to APM Introduction to Programme Management brings new insights as to what programme management is all about. It is an ‘easy read’ for executives, for those relatively new to programme management who have a thirst for knowledge and for the project management community who should, and need to, understand how their project management skills play into the ‘bigger picture’.


Title: PMO101 – The Basics for Success in a Niche Industry

Synopsis: The APM PMO SIG will take delegates through the journey of PMO detailing what matters now in the 21st Century in any kind of organisation and industry. Touching on specific topics that are key for a greater chance of success, the PMO SIG will open up the discussion in order that experiences can be shared, and advice sought from peers and experts. 


Governance SIG

Title: Good Governance Matters

Synopsis: Good governance is the single most important success factor in project outcomes - recent research has focused more and more on this area for improvement. But what does good governance look like? What are the key roles, behaviours and processes? How can you recognise if you have too little or too much? How does governance change for agile versus waterfall projects? What is the research showing and what are the key levers for improvement?

These, and other questions will be discussed and answered by the presenters from the APM Governance SIG. The session will take the form of a brief presentation plus discussion of the attendees views and issues.

  • Roger Garrini 

Knowledge SIG

Title: Hire smart people and let them talk to one another: knowledge management in 45 minutes

Imagine working as a P3 manager in an environment where conversations are banned. All communication is in writing. If you have a question, you can't ask it - all you can do is look for answers in manuals, good practice guides and a database. If you find an answer, you don't know where it came from. You don't know whether to trust it. You don't know whether it is actually relevant to your project. Bonkers? Yes! But this is how some project-based organisations approach knowledge management.

The Knowledge SIG will take you quickly through some knowledge management basics including the difference between knowledge and information, definitions of knowledge and knowledge management, the importance of conversations and context, and why KM methods is a bad place to start. Then we'll give you a juicy knowledge management challenge to work on. We might even work on a knowledge management challenge you are currently facing. If you have one, please bring it with you. We'll wind up the session by discussing your questions and ideas.

Come along to the Knowledge SIG table to find out what knowledge management is really about! It probably isn't what you think it is...

  • Judy Payne
  • Martin Fisher
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