Keynote Speakers

  • Mike Blackburn OBE - north west regional director for BT

Session Speakers   

  • Christine Bellamy, head of business operations, BBC North
  • Michael Christie, strategy Director and Chief Technologist for the Military Air and Information business at BAE Systems
  • Paul Taylor, head of programme development, MWH Global
  • Sandra Booth, pro vice chancellor of enterprise, business development and engagement, University of Cumbria
  • Steve Gillingham, director, Mace
  • Steve Livingstone, projects director - executive, Sellafield Ltd 

Christine Bellamy

BBC North is leading digital development for the BBC – working in partnership with the north digital community.

Following an exciting summer of Sport, 2017 is set to continue the growth in BBC online audiences with developments across children’s and TV products. Christine will provide a preview on the next digital plans for the BBC and discuss how the acceleration in product developments is only possible due to ongoing partnerships with digital businesses from across the North.

Michael Christie

Michael will outline the scope and scale of the Military Aircraft Business in the UK which is focused in the north west of England and will explain the contribution this business makes to the region and the country as a whole. He will then discuss the challenges and opportunities facing this business in the future.

Mike Blackburn

Mike will explore GMLEP’s role in creating a financially self-sustaining city, sitting at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse with the size, the assets, the skilled population and political and economic influence to rival any global city.

Paul Taylor

The Northern Powerhouse is so widespread in time, geography, sector and funding routes we need to think smarter on how we manage the portfolios and programmes.

The presentation will discuss how "outcomes" for inter-city, cities and city regions are intrinsically linked to each other where different priorities can alter the benefits.

It will highlight how we could use an "outcomes approach" through the effective management of; portfolios, programmes and projects for more successful Urban Agglomeration. It will identify approaches on how to maximise the revitalisation value of the Northern Powerhouse by very smart front end programme thinking.

 Sandra Booth

The Project Academy created by Sellafield and delivered by the University of Cumbria.  It’s a flagship concept generating a transformational approach to regional pinch point issues in project management talent attraction and retention, professionalising Project Management through the creation of an integrated community of practice with transferable skills within and without one organisation for the benefit of both the sector and the region.

The skilled workforce pipeline in not only the Nuclear industry but across all sectors within the northern regions and nationally faces many challenges.  Where we get the people? How we will skill up a volume workforce? What are the current opportunities? How do we create future opportunities for local talent?  How do we attract people to the region to support and service our key sectors?   

Steve Gillingham

It's well documented that there is a skills shortage in the UK - most recently, the Farmer Review challenged the UK construction industry to reform or die... If we are to rise to the challenge, what are the likely needs of the Northern Powerhouse, and how can we turn the challenge into a long-term opportunity to improve the way we provide education, skills and innovation?

 Steve Livingstone

Steve will provide delegates with an insight into how Sellafield Ltd, the company responsible for safely delivering decommissioning of the UK’s nuclear legacy, along with fuel recycling and nuclear waste management activities, is continuing to play a vital role in the delivery of large capital projects, encouraging innovation and providing the supply chain with opportunities that will support the nuclear activities on Britain’s Energy Coast for decades to come.
The presentation will cover the development of long term strategic relationships between Sellafield Ltd and the project supply chain, which provide a platform to increase capability, and how Sellafield’s project academy has been developed to increase skills not only for Sellafield Ltd employees but for other companies and the local population, acting as a catalyst to boost develop for decades to come.


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