APM Project Management Conference Manchester 2018

Is productivity the best measure of success?

Projects can provide benefits that have a much broader societal impact, explored in APM’s Power of the Profession conference programme.

The APM Project Management Conference Manchester, sponsored by Hyde Park Solutions Ltd. explored ways that the project profession can be a Catalyst for Good and give those working within it the tools to deliver projects, programmes and portfolios that contribute to wider economic and social benefit.

Our first keynote speaker was John Cridland CBE, Chairman for Transport for the North. John led the CBI as director-general between 2011-2015 and was key spokesman for the business community in the media, on public platforms and with the Government.

John was the first in an exciting line-up of speakers who explored the three key sub-themes of the APM conference Manchester: Smarter Thinking, Smarter Working and Smarter Leadership.

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The event hosted a strong line up of renowned speakers from a broad range of sectors. 

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We were proud to be associated with a number of influential organisations from a range of industries.

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Delegates were offered the opportunity to network with diverse organisations involved in the profession.

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Key takeaways 

  • From the beginning of a project, think about what benefits it will bring in the real world - Invest in and engage with those benefits and link to the real-world agenda and context that matters to your audience.
  • Before starting a project, look at other projects’ lessons learned rather than starting from scratch – and at the end of projects – capture lessons learned in a way that they can be shared and applied to other projects.
  • When tackling a project and technology is available, focus on the challenge first, then the tech. Communication, collaboration and common purpose are still the most important things in managing a successful project, and digital tools can help with this, but they need to be used in the right way.
  • Innovate with purpose and be intentional about investing time and effort. Each innovation used in a project has to link back to the project aims and benefits.
  • Be consistent and genuine in your own values when shaping your leadership style whilst also being specific about your lowest level of acceptance. People do not commit to your values but to what you accept.

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APM Project Management Conference - Power of the Profession

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