Christine Leigh

Stream Chair for the Smarter Thinking Stream

A Committed Building Control Professional Christine’s career spans over 15 years, starting her career as a trainee in Local Authority Building Control, she now leads and manages the North West Regional Office for Aedis Regulatory Services; an Approved Inspector. Christine's specialisms are Building Regulations and Building Compliance and has worked on a rich and varied portfolio of work.

Christine is an enthusiastic building control professional who strives to achieve improved standards and compliance in construction by sharing knowledge. Christine has held positions as Board Director for CABE and is currently Chair North West Region for CABE and Vice Chair North West Region for the CIC and Chair 2050 CIC. Christine regularly organises learning and development events for CABE members in the North West Region.

She looks to inspire and to encourage young people into the industry and has worked closely with education partnerships delivering presentations and tasks to school pupils. Christine has also been keen to promote construction and engineering as an exciting and accessible career choice for women and has organised and hosted a number of events.

Undertaking an exciting mix of office and site work;  and with an understanding of the shortage of skilled people, Christine is enthused to adopt and explore smarter and more efficient methods of working. 

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