Jane Duffy - National Training Programme Manager, Skills Development Scotland

Jane has worked in the National Training Programmes team at Skills Development Scotland for several years, with a particular focus on modern apprenticeships (MAs). 

She has a strong knowledge of apprenticeships, having previously managed the secretariat of the Modern Apprenticeship Group (MAG), which oversees approval of all MA frameworks in Scotland.

Jane currently manages a Standards and Frameworks programme on behalf of the Devolved Administrations to support the underpinning structures of apprenticeships across the three nations.

Jane also works closely with the Scottish Apprenticeship Advisory Board’s Standards and Frameworks Group on the strategic direction of apprenticeships in Scotland.

Presenting on: Growing your Talent Pipeline: The Apprenticeship Family

Synopsis: Jane’s presentation will offer an overview of the Apprenticeship Family and how apprenticeships can help businesses to develop the people and skills they need for the future. For employers, apprenticeships can support the development of a long term talent pipeline and address skills shortages.

Apprenticeships play a key role in setting people up for success in their careers by giving them practical work based skills and industry recognised qualifications while employed and earning.

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