Speaker synopses​

Keynote speaker

  • George Lowder MBE - chief executive of Transport for Edinburgh 

Stream speakers

  • Andrew Sharman - chief executive of RyderMarshSharman
  • Brian Wernham - consultant programme manager 
  • Caroline Donaldson - founding director and executive coach, Kynesis
  • David MacLean - programme management lead for the BAE Systems
  • Jenifer Stirton - director of Stockbridge PR
  • Peter Ballard - learning programme manager, QA Ltd

George Lowder

During this presentation George will discuss, the Transport for Edinburgh proposition and plans for an integrated transport network for the Edinburgh city


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Andrew Sharman 

In this session, Andrew takes us on a journey of how, why and when people lie, and explains how classic influencing skills may be used, misused and abused.
Contemporary examples will be shared to show how these actions are woven throughout our daily lives with the aim of parting you from your money, your health and wellbeing, or to derail you from your project.

Whether you’re a senior leader or freshly starting out in project management, you’ll learn practical self-defence techniques that you as a project manager can use immediately to spot the lies and flip the situation to build better inter-personal relationships at all levels and efficiently, effectively and honestly influence your stakeholders.

Andrew will incorporate time for a questions and answers period at the end of his session.

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Brian Wernham

APM is not just about project control – it is about delivering business value through change. Programme and Portfolio management are vital options in supporting continuous improvement initiatives.

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Caroline Donaldson 

An exploration of how to unlock high performance through a continuous improvement lens – a workshop that provides practical steps and lessons learned.


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David MacLean 

Looking at the necessity of developing people as an enabler to continuous improvement. Using the APM competence framework as a backbone we will look at an example where individuals have been challenged to recognise a need to evolve in order to support both their own personal development and the needs of the organisation.  


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Jenifer Stirton 

In this fast changing world of digital and social media and increasing numbers of people with access to mobile platforms it’s important that the communication skills in play are up to date and leading edge if you are to achieve project objectives. This means looking wider than the traditional PR and communications skills and channels you might use. Interpreting data and having measurement and evaluation in place will play a key role in delivering and demonstrating success. 

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Peter Ballard

With the pressing need today, not just to prioritise effort towards the optimum collection of initiatives for the organisation, but equally to maximise what we get from those investments, then benefits management has come of age. Previously the poor relation of the portfolio disciplines, benefits management’s contributions to decision making before, during, and after initiatives offers one of the most enticing improvements to programme and project performance. 

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