Alison Whitehead

Alison currently works for Severn Trent in the programme office, where she is responsible for managing people change projects within customer services.

She previously worked for Coventry City Council, involved in the management of customer services and responsible for the highest level transactional services where her focus was to manage the day to day operations whilst encouraging customers to access services using digital channels and increasing their own self service capability.

With over 20 years in the public sector, Alison is passionate about leading through collaboration to drive organisational change and encourage people to feel that they can contribute to improving the customer experience. Her expertise includes partner management to secure channel shift for high volume transactions, stakeholder management to ensure organisational support and buy-in for changes to process and working practices, project and programme management capability adapting to different settings and operational management focusing on efficient and effective day to day delivery optimising performance.

Most recently Alison contributed to the research report commissioned by the Enabling Change SIG Public Sector practitioner group in conjunction with APM Research to promote further dialogue and enhance knowledge about change across public-sector organisations. The research project considers what contributes to the successful delivery of change in the public sector. The study is designed around two key concepts: organisational capability and accountability, and how these will help public sector organisations to ‘get it right’.

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