Catherine Holmes 

Catherine is a senior project manager and has worked for twenty-six years in both the health and education sectors. Catherine joined the NHS in 1991 to be part of the planning department at Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust. Prior to this Catherine worked in production and quality management in the clothing trade for companies including M&S and Jaeger.
In the NHS she led the co-ordination of equipment and construction for the large PFI re-development at Norfolk and Norwich NHS Trust, managing a budget of £19 million. Catherine then joined MTS Health as a consultant and worked on a number of smaller projects including Peterborough, Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Trust, The Retail Fashion Academy and then led the team that equipped the Barts Health PFI new build project from 2007 to 2015.
Catherine manages all aspects of the planning, tendering, procuring, installation and commissioning and is currently working for the Royal Free NHS Trust – on the Chase Farm Healthcare Building.

Presentation title

The essential guide to project managing breast cancer


In 2013 I was presented with what was potentially the most difficult project of my life so far. Using the techniques I had learnt as a project manager in the NHS I set about to tackle my brush with breast cancer using the techniques and resources I had tried and tested elsewhere.
In this presentation I would like to share with you a light hearted look at how it went – from wig buying to fruit pastille binge eating and everything in between.

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