Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton

A project, programme and portfolio (PMO) specialist with extensive experience in the change management industry and a particular focus on collaboration, PMO conception & strategy, method and capability development.

As the Director of Consulting Services for Wellingtone Project Management, Emma-Ruth is responsible for all services within the PPM DNA ethos, including PMO implementation, project definition, and PMO metrics.

She is currently chair of the APM’s PMO SIG, an APM accredited trainer, and involved in various project management charitable organisations.

The PMO SIG aims to provide a collaborative open forum for PMO practitioners, and anyone with an interest in the role of PMOs, to get together, share ideas, offer support and advice to the PMO community, and to create valuable practice-oriented knowledge, which helps drive the PMO profession forward.

Presentation synopsis

'Women Succeeding in Governance Roles'

Over 60% of those that have taken the APM Accredited PMO Practitioner course since its introduction are female; and a surprising number of those have come through a route of Personal Assistant or Administrative roles.

During this session, Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton will use the information collated from the PMO Practitioner course to turn the narrative on women working in project management (and other specialised fields) on its head and explore why the skills that women bring to the table are easily transferred to our industry.

With a focus on Project, Programme and Portfolio Offices (PMO), Emma-Ruth will provide practical examples of how particular competencies and skill-sets are particularly beneficial for succeeding in governance roles and provide delegates with a chance to identify areas of strength to leverage and areas to work on.

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