Jason West


Organisations are subject to ever-increasing demands for change and transformation. However, the stark reality is that the majority of transformation programmes run late, over spend their budget or fail to deliver the expected benefits. So, what’s driving the high failure rate and what can we do about it?

About Jason

Jason is a programme director who has led multiyear, global transformation programmes in HR, finance, procurement and business planning. He has been at the forefront of the shift of ERP and HCM solutions from on-premises IT run systems to cloud based services owned by the business. This has brought first-hand experience of the new demands placed on functional

leadership teams and the impact it has had on the relationship between CIOs and their board colleagues. He is passionate about the pressing need for traditional, back office support functions to develop enduring project and programme management capabilities to manage a digitally transformed world where their core IT systems update automatically every three to six months, whether they want them to or not! This belief comes from holding operational accountability for an HR function post transformation and having to make good on the promises that secured the original investment.

Jason is a strong programme leader, solution architect, creative problem solver, change agent, and business transformation consultant. His previous clients include Thales SA, Hitachi, Cheapflights.com, Nuffield Health and AWE PLC.

Jason's Presentation

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