Karlene Agard

Karlene is an award-winning risk and value management professional who focuses on starting megaprojects for success at ARAVUN. She has effectively led strategic risk and value management studies on projects and programmes such as Crossrail 2, Thameslink and Wessex Improvement Programme.

In recent years, Karlene has been recognised with awards in Network Rail (at one of Europe's largest risk teams) and at international risk award ceremonies for her commendable risk and value management work. She is committed to the future of risk and value management and is on the steering committee for the IRM's exploration of the Risk Agenda for 2025.

Karlene is a Fellow of the APM, IRMCert with the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) and Qualified Value Associate with the Institute of Value Management. She is on the Value Management Committee within the APM, the IVM committee and the steering committee for the IRM Risk Agenda for 2025.

Presentation synopsis: From failure to Forbes

As we’re all fallible humans, failure is an inevitable part of life. People are understandably loath to speak about failure, particularly in a personal context. Karlene will be sharing the story of her career: how she went from being someone who loved reading so much her teacher told her to socialise more, to doing terribly in her degree during a recession and feeling like a failure, then building a career which has led to awards, speaking on project, risk and value management internationally and writing for Forbes.

Karlene has learnt a lot about failure and she’d like to share those lessons with you. Lots of people and women, in particular, seem to be afraid of failure. Actually failing or feeling like a failure is never pleasant but as long as you are still alive there is hope for you to improve your situation. She will be sharing the things that I needed to hear when I was a despondent graduate to help you build resilience and enhance your career.

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