Lucy Finney MBE

Lucy’s role is considerably diverse and varies from day to day, but the main focus is to offer a highly bespoke consultancy service to organisations that require support in maximising their effectiveness. This can take many forms but she specialises in offering high level strategic consultancy in the field of business change, organisational development, and leadership and management. 

Due to the need for really specific programme development, Lucy often spends time working closely with customers to scope the requirement and ensure she (and they) fully understands what it is they are trying to achieve, why they want to achieve this, and how to make it happen.

With over 30 years in the training field Lucy has worked with a wealth of industries, helping to design and deliver L&D programmes tailored to the specific needs of the business and individual, as well as specialist, embedded support helping to drive organisational development and performance. Her main passion is using true innovation, creative problem solving and design thinking to help organisations manage complex challenges and large-scale change.

Lucy enjoys working in partnership with organisations that are serious about making lasting changes to their structure, process and culture, while still recognising the need for robust and strategically focussed L&D programmes to support this transition.

Lucy also served in the British Army for 16 years and was awarded an MBE for the modernisation of training in the Armed Forces.


How to raise your profile and be visible for promotion


In today’s busy and complex world it is hard to stand out in the crowd. Compared to 20 years ago the world we work in has changed.  Today it is fast paced dynamic and multidimensional. It is easy to get lost in the crowd and passed over for promotion. People no longer get noticed solely by doing a good job. But what can you do to make yourself stand out and get noticed? If you want to get noticed and picked up for promotion you need to raise your profile and become visible. This is not a nice to have but rather a critical mindset you need to develop in order to progress your career. 

This session will explore how to raise your profile and how to become more visible for promotion. Topics that will be covered are:

  • What being visible means in the workplace
  • Finding your value and selling your value
  • How to achieve recognition for your work
  • How to beat the competition
  • How to find your Personal Brand
  • How to raise your profile in the digital world
  • Key skills to develop to help you build a winning profile

The session will be engaging and experiential. Attendees will learn about themselves and how to navigate the multi-faceted world we live in today and grow their career.

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