Matthew Moran

Synopsis (speaking with Jess Annison OBE)

In this presentation and discussion session, we will go back to the first principle of the agile manifesto: 'individuals and interactions over processes and tools.' We will share our experiences of creating and supporting agile project teams in a variety of organisations.

About Matthew

Matthew Moran (BA, PhD, MBA) is Head of Transformation at The Open University. His mission is to improve the way we work by drawing on ideas, tools and techniques from beyond the management mainstream. He is also an associate lecturer in the OU’s Faculty of Business and Law and has active research interests in identity and cognitive diversity in teams and organisational agility.

He started his career as a frontend developer and is an experienced project and programme manager, Scrum Master, coach and product owner, having worked for a variety of digital media and publishing organisations including The Guardian, Pearson and Oxford University Press. Matthew is a regular conference speaker and is currently writing a book on agile project and programme management.

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