Paul Erricker


We all appreciate that bringing about organisational change is tough. But why so tough? After all, we’ve put in the process, methodology and recruited a great team. Paul will add key insight into your understanding of how individual and collective personality style impacts the ability of an organisation to implement change.

About Paul

Paul is the founder and director at The Project Academy Limited. His focus is on the development of project/programme management capability for individuals and organisations. He has a special focus on the personal performance of project professionals, particularly on how project leaders can maximise their impact through a far deeper understanding of themselves, their style, de-railing triggers and personal resilience.

Paul coaches individuals and project teams to enable key performance shifts. For example, Paul’s team at The Project Academy is a delivery partner for the Infrastructure and Projects Authority’s Project Leadership Programme. Here, Paul has coached over one hundred senior project leaders, utilising deep insight into leadership personality, enlightening clients on how their style helps and hinders engagement with the stakeholder environment.

Paul’s other key focus is to enable organisations adopt the Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) standard. He was APM’s project manager to engage the profession to design, pilot and launch ChPPs forbearer, Registered Project Professional (RPP). Paul and his team have worked with hundreds of clients to enable them to gain confidence in their ability by attaining RPP and ChPP.

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Paul's Presentation

Paul at WiPM 2019

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