Sorrel Gilbert

Sorrel has worked in theatres, schools, castles and offices. At the age of 14, during her first event management internship with The Lion's Part theatre company, she realised that she enjoyed “developing teams” and “getting
 things done”. Subsequently, she sought out every opportunity to gain work experience; from internships, to getting a full-time job with GirlGuiding UK straight out of school.

Despite her young age, Sorrel has had a varied career: managing events, exams and engineers and she embraces diverse roles.

Sorrel was accepted onto BAE Systems’ acclaimed Project Management Apprenticeship Scheme (PMAS). There she found a name for what she had been doing: project management. This scheme gave Sorrel knowledge of the management of complex projects, such as the QEC Aircraft Carriers, and Type 26 frigates.

Sorrel now runs Sorrel Project Solutions, and volunteers with APM. Currently on the rewrite of the “Governing Change” publication.


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