Susan Clarke

Susan Clarke is an IT Programme Director, who has worked with global teams for the past fifteen years, operating most recently in the heavily regulated area of pharmaceuticals.  She has held IT leadership roles in both public and private sectors, specialising in cutting edge digital and cloud deliveries.

Susan is the current Treasurer of the NW APM branch committee, taking an active role in promoting agile methodologies in the region, and is a regular speaker at branch events.  She is also an active member of the APM’s Agile Working Group, having first adopted agile development in 2002, and adapted the methodology for successful use in multiple organisations since then. 

Susan is passionate about supporting the next generation of IT project managers and consequently has been a regular guest lecturer at Leicester’s De Montfort University.  She is the author of research papers on agile development and project management, including APM white papers on the practical adoption of Agile and Scaled Agile methodologies.

Presentation synopsis

'Be more agile'

Agile is gaining in popularity because:

  • Business operational drivers mean projects must adapt as often changes can’t wait until the end of the project, and there is a need to avoid rework and wasted effort
  • An agile approach of frequent small deliveries coupled with a more continuous conversation with the customer allows much greater flexibility and delivers results, and therefore benefits, much more quickly.
  • The whole point of agile is that customers can decide what they want to have delivered
  • Teams achieve ‘learning by doing,’ allowing them to reflect on their experiences as they go along and adapt accordingly.
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