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We have been slotting together the different presentations for the APM 2010 Conference, so this is a good time to re-visit some of the themes and key messages. The conference will form the next chapter in an ongoing dialogue about the needs and future of the profession and the difference that we can make to UK PLC when we engage in new conversations.

Our focus this year revolves around building the future in partnership, preparing for the challenges that lie ahead and developing the capabilities and skills needed to master them. There are four overarching themes:

Partnerships: Working together implies forging alliances. As projects and their environments become more demanding, it becomes more crucial to foster, celebrate and enhance successful partnerships. Success often depends on our ability to find the right balance of skills and attitudes, wherever they may be, and get them to work in harmony.

Portfolio management: Projects and programmes form the way we implement strategies. To deliver improved benefits we need to become proactive in participating, defining, shaping, and influencing more key decisions. Continuing to deliver successfully will require getting closer to the business and developing a more holistic perspective.

Managing change: Change can be viewed as unsettling and destructive, yet, crucial for sustained business success. Recent years have witnessed more demanding change initiatives alongside a growing appetite for change. Mastering change builds on the development of a synergy between culture, attitude, and leadership which together can liberate, empower and transform.

New ways of working: Given the power and pervasiveness of new technology, the time is now ripe for project managers to harvest new ideas and re-tool for the next generation. New techniques and approaches offer the potential to fundamentally alter the nature of how projects are viewed and tackled, whilst introducing new ways of engaging with people, change and projects.

The conference will bring together thought leaders and practitioners in an endeavour to combine practical concepts, emerging theories and inspiring case studies. Building the future implies understanding the past and recognising the present before we can move on. Invited speeches will complement the themes as they build on lessons from the past, developing an appreciation of the challenges of the present, and ultimately, going back to the future and exploring new ideas and perspectives.


Posted by Professor Darren Dalcher on 29th Jul 2010

About the Author
Darren is Professor of Project Management at the University of Hertfordshire, and founder and Director of the National Centre for Project Management. He works to foster interactive dialogue about the integration of successful practice with theoretical research in the management of projects. He is the editor of two book series featuring Advances in Project Management, and a number of journals and has chaired the APM Project Management Conference for five years.

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