Help! 50% of my projects are the wrong ones, but which 50?

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As CFO / CIO / COO / portfolio manager / department head (delete as appropriate) I know (well, I think) I have a hundred projects in flight today. Im sure they all had business cases at some point, but now I have no idea which strategic objectives that they all support. And looking at them as a group of projects I dont really know whether they are performing as planned or going to deliver benefits although each one tells me they are doing fine.

Using simple maths I know I can only really afford to deliver half of them, and I probably dont have enough resource for more than 60%. Trouble is I dont want to waste 50% of my budget, but I dont know which projects are in which 50% - good and bad.

How do I go about working that out, and how do I stop it happening again?


Posted by David Dunning on 15th Jul 2013

About the Author
David Dunning is a member of the Portfolio Management SIG and has provided presentations around the subject of Portfolio Management for Thames Valley and South West / Wales APM Chapters.

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