Now what was I saying about portfolio management being holistic?

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Part 6 of a farce in 6 parts – the bit that isn’t farce. Why not help 'David' by posting your answers below?

Dear all,

As you can tell, the recent blogs were a bit of a spoof. These were parochial solutions developed to solve problems from specific interest groups – all of whom had the ability to introduce something, but not the right thing or the whole thing.

In each of those examples:

  • some of the problem was understood – but not all of it.
  • A partial solution was developed that could be delivered – where perhaps the bigger picture should have been dealt with.
  • stakeholders were laughably not engaged
  • Benefits were not really thought through or mapped to anyone’s problem

This is why, in the APM Portfolio Management SIG – we are looking to widen the appreciation of:

  • needing a holistic approach to defining and implementing portfolio management solutions, and 
  • needing to work with very senior management to get the right backing and drive to provide the right solution coverage

Maybe next time I can avoid getting all kinds of stick for doing what I thought was the right thing.

What do you think?

Yours Etc

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Posted by David Dunning on 10th Apr 2013

About the Author
David Dunning is a member of the Portfolio Management SIG and has provided presentations around the subject of Portfolio Management for Thames Valley and South West / Wales APM Chapters.

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