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Project management: Delivering more with less

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Project management is a core competence required to deliver change measured in terms of achieving desired outcomes with associated benefits. With projects increasingly viewed as managing the change efforts of society, project management is called upon to cross-functional, organisational and societal boundaries and handle the inherent complexity and uncertainty required to bring about a new reality.

The context is increasingly becoming more demanding and more intensive. New technologies open up new possibilities, requiring new ways of working.  The challenges seem more demanding and the impacts of our decisions appear more critical to our ultimate survival.

Is project management ready for the new world? The scale and complexity of issues we are facing is on the rise. Indeed it would appear that the new project management would need to address the wider concerns of a more engaged, more global and better-informed society. Yet, we are also faced with a period of greater austerity and an increased focus on accountability.

New World, New Project Management is the beginning of a discussion on how to achieve more with less. As we become more ambitious we need to leverage our insights and understanding and develop new ways of addressing the emerging challenges.

Success in the future would require better understanding of the context and deeper engagement with the business. It will also require new ways of developing professionals, making change work and guaranteeing value.

Our dialogue will cover four main themes:

  • Working with business
  • Delivering value
  • Growing professionalism
  • Managing change

To take part in the discussion, explore new perspectives and stay informed join us at the APM Project Management Conference, which will take place on October 20th in London.  If you are unable to participate on the day, but would like to contribute, share and participate in the dialogue, we will continue the discussion after the conference. To stay informed follow the dialogue within the online community.


Posted by Professor Darren Dalcher on 5th Oct 2011

About the Author
Darren is Professor of Project Management at the University of Hertfordshire, and founder and Director of the National Centre for Project Management. He works to foster interactive dialogue about the integration of successful practice with theoretical research in the management of projects. He is the editor of two book series featuring Advances in Project Management, and a number of journals and has chaired the APM Project Management Conference for five years.

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