Should you experience any technical difficulties please consult our FAQ’s below. If these FAQ’s still do not resolve your issue, then please email us.

I have not received an email with my unique link

Your unique link will be sent to you approximately one week prior to the event, once your booking is complete (and payment taken where applicable). Should you not have received your link by Wednesday 7 October, please recheck your spam folders and then email us with your booking confirmation attached so that we get you up and running as quickly as possible.

I am unable to log-in

Most users experiencing difficulties are using a work device with firewalls blocking the platform from functioning. We advise you contacting your IT department in the first instance to ensure this is not the case. Alternatively switch to a personal device and you should be up and running. Although the platform is compatible with various browsers, delegates are advised to use Google Chrome when accessing the platform. You should simply click your unique link (emailed from conference@apm.org.uk). 

  • Please note you are NOT logging into your APM account but a third-party platform to access the sessions

The session is not granting me access/continuously says connecting

The session will only grant access to delegates once it has gone live (at the time the session is due to begin). If you are still unable to gain access to the session try heading back to your agenda, pinning the specific session and re-accessing the live session.

The session sound is cutting out/lagging

Unfortunately, this is solely due to an individual’s internet connection. To increase your bandwidth, you could try the following:

  1. Log out of your VPN (if you have your log in credentials to easily sign back in!)
  2. Close any applications that you have open that are using the internet such as MS Teams or Skype. 

You can try leaving the session and re-joining once you have maximised your bandwidth, if the problem still persists

I cannot see the presentation

The presentation once shared will appear in a small box (beneath the main screen) if it does not automatically take your main screen. You may click any of the boxes from this banner to select them as your main screen. You may also pin the screen to prevent it switching again by clicking the pin icon in the top left corner of the main screen. If you are still unable to see the screen, please leave and re-join the session.

How can I prove to my organisation I attended the event?

You can download and complete your CPD log in an easy to share Excel file or download from the My CPD area if you’re a member. Here you will have recorded the date, time and learning hours you have completed, as well as what you have learnt.

In addition, you will have your booking confirmation email from us.

Do I need CPD certificates for my chartered application?

A key part of the chartered application is the reflection of what you have learnt, which wouldn’t be shown by a certificate. Logging and reflecting your CPD within My CPD, or your own log will be a crucial step towards your application.

I’m not a member and I can’t access the My CPD area, what can I do to track CPD? 

A downloadable log can be found here. Here you can record the same information as on our digital log.

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