Associate Professor Eleni Papadonikolaki

Management Consultant and Lecturer, University College London

Management consultant and Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Management at the Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management at University College London (UCL). Eleni is teaching at postgraduate and executive levels and leads the new MSc in Digital Engineering Management (DEM).

Her research interests lie at the intersection of Management, Social Science, and Engineering. She is a steering board member and part-time researcher at the Construction Blockchain Consortium (CBC).

Prior to joining academia Eleni worked as architect and design manager on a number of complex, international and varying-scale projects in Greece, the Netherlands, Oman and United Arab Emirates. She is an alumna of TU Delft, Netherlands and NTUA, Greece.  

Presentation Synopsis

Complex Projects and Megaprojects are increasingly shaped by new enabling technologies and new demands from businesses including how people are treated when working on these endeavours. This is often referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Project leaders and practitioners are not fully leveraging the opportunities unlocked by the 4IR and project performance shows little signs of improvement despite the highly innovative and collaborative environment that the 4IR stimulates.

The presentation explores this challenge and concludes that a significant reason why these benefits are not being realised is because there is a competence gap in both the project leader and practitioner communities. These communities are attempting to deal with 21st Century issues using competences, toolsets and a mindset created 100 years’ ago. Significant development in competences associated with the 4IR in general are required. In this presentation specific competences are proposed and justified: collaborative working including people, process and digital components, lean six sigma and agile. Success will be to empower the people who deliver Megaprojects such that they are able to deliver the planned social value to all stakeholders involved.

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