Claire Dellar

Transformists, The Change Specialists

Founder of a virtual consulting company, a leader in benefits and portfolio management across the NHS and a behavioural economist, Claire makes for an engaging, intriguing and entertaining speaker. She is an expert in changing the behaviour and mindset of organisations, improving their return on investment while also making them happier places to work.

As a portfolio benefits and change management professional, Claire is well known in project management circles for her innovative approach to problem solving and her positive leadership, particularly on gender and disability in the workplace.

She also chairs the NHS National Benefits Management Specific Interest Group, and leads on benefits and value thought leadership in the volunteer committee APM Benefits and Value Specific Interest Group.

Presentation synopsis

As the film The Matrix comes of age, we live in a time where our virtual lives are more real than our physical ones and our interactions are broken down into ones and zeros. In this intensely personal journey, Claire talks about what she’s learned about herself and leadership as she led a team of colleagues coming together to manage one of the NHS's most important digital services during the crisis, while making vital decisions about the virtual consulting company she and her business partners had nurtured for two years.

From writing new operating policies in her head to running a series of brutally honest, on-camera conversations about race, disability, gender and other forms of difference in response to colleagues needs and questions following the death of George Floyd, Claire has consistently chosen the blue pill: to face reality beyond our bubbles of social isolation, while exploiting every digital tool available to her and constantly working to adapt her management – and presentation – style to our post-tactile reality.

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