Edel Christie

Global Transformation Leader, Arcadis

Edel Christie, is the Global Transformation Leader at Arcadis, she is a resilient, purposeful leader, with passion to transform ideas into reality, this is both through strategic thinking and practical application. She walks with her clients on their business journeys, with drive and focus solving those challenging problems with them.

She believes creativity can be found in the most unusual places and ideas can be transformed through purposeful collaboration, that by connecting dots we can really move at pace and innovate, creating solutions that benefit society.

As well as recently being the Managing Director for Buildings she leads Arcadis focus of Age Diversity in the workplace and is a Board member of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership. She is a globally experienced leader, who is known as being inspiring, pragmatic and inclusive in the way she leads.

Presentation synopsis 

We now operate in a technology driven world, and the landscape in which we apply our skills and create our culture has changed significantly. The tools, processes, and methodologies we utilise and adopt, are developing in line with our evolving environment or what we like to call “workscape” When thinking in sustainable terms, the project professional should now be focussed on ensuring benefit alongside efficiency and footprint; the need for data-driven decisions, AI and innovative processes will become critical in the very near future, and is already being employed in many industries today. 

This session aims to present some views on the changing direction of our workscape and the tools believed to be at the forefront in the future of project management.  We will also discuss how organisations and the evolving project professional will use them.

Areas to be covered:

  • How is data analytics being used to enable effective and efficient decision making?
  • Is there a place for Virtual Reality in project management?
  • Our changing workscape – has Covid 19 changed the way we work forever?
  • Are higher education organisations and industry evolving toolsets together, and if not, should they?
  • What are the differences in what we have done before and what we should do in the future?
  • Back to the drawing board! With a focus on sustainability, recycling and energy, do we need to turn off our PCs?
  • Can machine learning enable effective decision making? Should we trust them?
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