Isabelle Linden

Managing Consultant, PA Consulting

Isabelle is PA’s Implementation lead for Sustainability & Circular Economy - a global innovation and transformation consultancy - working with start-ups, multi-nationals, policy makers, universities and NGOs on a regular basis.​

She is passionate about supporting the transition to a world where businesses can continue to reach profitable growth while also doing good to the environment and society. She designs and builds the right programmes of work, skills & competencies, and culture shift needed to help organisations reach triple bottom line success: profit, people, planet. ​

Isabelle is a chartered project professional (ChPP) and for many years has delivered transformational programmes of change within organisations across a wide range of sectors and industries. She specialises in delivering complex major projects, running Enterprise Portfolio Management Offices, and transforming strategic global changes into actionable roadmaps.   ​

Drive, passion, critical thinking, attention to detail, strong leadership, great communication skills, fairness & integrity as well as having fun at what you do are all the values that she truly believes in and brings with her at work.

Presentation synopsis

What we need to do fundamentally differently in our profession in order to embed sustainability in it and make the most of the business opportunities it brings.

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