Mr A

Fellow of both the APM and the Institution of Engineering and Technology, GCHQ

His early career was in developing defence radars for the UK and overseas. He has worked at GCHQ for over twenty years in the P3M profession delivery of intelligence gathering and processing systems, secure enterprise IT, major procurements and business change.

He is an accredited ‘High Risk’ IPA reviewer working across the UK Intelligence Agencies and wider government. He is a member of the Project, Programme and Portfolio, Profession leadership team at GCHQ. Outside of work he enjoys cycling and has completed a 1000 mile, Land’s End to John O’Groats…achieved by acquiring skills, ensuring the appropriate tools were to hand, and adapting to the varied cultures along the way.

Presentation synopsis

GCHQ has a heritage of stepping forward in times of national need. Famously, in World War 2 the staff of Bletchley Park cracked the Enigma code, leading to the saving of many UK lives, relieving the suffering of many people by shortening the war. 

GCHQ’s missions have developed through the Cold War era and today include Countering Terrorism, Detecting and preventing Serious Crimes and as the National Centre for Cyber Security. P3M, Portfolio, programme and project management culture, skills and tools, are vital to enabling the organisation to be ready for today and prepare for the future needs of the missions.

GCHQ has over 200 P3M civil servants, and many more through industry. It has won APM awards in three successive years and is progressively engaging more with the APM. 

For an organisation that has lived behind the barbed wire and CCTV of secure sites the Covid crisis was a jolt to the ways of working in centralised secure sites. The organisation has pivoted to cope, support the national effort to battle the disease and benefit the missions with a very different approach. 

The talk will describe how the organisation has adapted, what it has learned, and the trajectory of further changes as its culture develops towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

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